powering digital innovation

We are VerdisHost, a company that is owned and operated by the Verdisian Government, responsible for maintaining the domain and with a focus on providing website hosting services to Verdis-related businesses, individuals and entities.

If you are part of Verdis’ e-Residency program, you are entitled to additional services and discounts which can be found on e-Resident portal. e-Resident hosting request forms are visible by clicking here.

Our hosting is premium

When using our website hosting, you will notice the special addons we have on our DirectAdmin panel, such as access to Softaculous, where you can one-click install many applications on to your domain such as WordPress.

Helping to build Verdis

When you pay to use our services, you are helping to support Verdis as an amount of funds go towards Verdis' development, to make progress in Verdis' nationbuilding goals.

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